Natural ingredients from Central Switzerland

The raw materials in XELLENT are all pure and natural and the majority come from the heart of Switzerland - from the rye to the herbs and from the flowers and berries to the glacier water.

Farmers grow the high quality Swiss rye in small fields of up to
just 2 hectares

Rye of bread-making quality from the Napf mountain

The grain is cultivated on the Napf mountain, in the Alpine Foreland of Central Switzerland. The fields, which are 500 to 800 metres above sea level, are no bigger than two hectares and are owned by 18 different farmers. Only the highest quality varieties, "Picasso" and "Matador", are used.

The rye harvest

The rye is harvested in late summer, when the weather is dry. It is transported to the small, rural mill, just a few hundred metres away from DIWISA. Once cleaned and ground, the rye kernels are delivered for XELLENT production. The quantity is limited and the quality all the better as a result.

Herbs, berries and | flowers from Central Switzerland

The Edelweiss comes from a farm where it is grown following organic guidelines. Lemon balm and lavender are grown by the Master Distiller Franz Huber himself, in the company's own herb garden. He finds woodruff and elderflower in abundance on his long woodland walks around Willisau. The rest of the herbs in the recipe remain a well-kept secret of the Master Distiller.

Dry with patience and blend by recipe

Once cut or gathered, the herbs and berries are dried slowly, so that they retain their flavour and the essential oils. After the slow drying, the flowers and leaves are plucked from the stems and mixed with the fresh herbs to make a blend following the recipe.

Titlis glacier water

The glacier water that is used to enrich XELLENT after a resting time of several months comes from the Titlis glacier in the heart of Switzerland. The glacier forces its way through the rock from a height of 3,000 metres into the Engelberg Valley, where it reaches a depth of 30 metres. Soft, crystal-clear and rich in oxygen and minerals, this age-old water influences the unmistakeable taste of the excellent distillate. It is also down to the glacier water that XELLENT, unlike other spirits, is almost ph-neutral.